Did your Email go to the wrong place from your Gmail? Know how to recall and secure it

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Send Email recall in Gmail: Did your Email If you have accidentally sent the mail to another email id, Then Gmail provides the facility to recall it. However, This option must be activated. Mail must be sent must be recalled.


Recall sending emails in Gmail: This often happens when you send mail in your Gmail to the wrong id. Later you will regret such a mistake should not have happened. When many times people even email personal information, Videos, and Photos to someone else. The main two reasons at the back of this mistake. First, during the search, You selected the wrong email id in the drop-down which has similar names, Or you make a mistake while typing, And turned out to be someone else’s mail id. In this case, You just want to recall that email.

Send mail can be Recalled

You have also built up such a mistake there is no need to panic. Gmail permits you to recall sent mail. However, This option has been activated. Once this option is activated, You can recall the sent mail within 30 seconds. This facility will be not after that.

Option on the bottom left

When mail is sent to anybody, So the option Undo and View Message comes at the bottom left of your screen. If you have made any mistake then click on Undo. The mail sent will be returned. You can also cancel that mail or send it to the same email address after making the necessary changes.

By the way, this option is activated in most emails. If Undo option is not active in your email, It is easy to do so let’s understand it step-by-step Let’s try:

  • Log in to Gmail first.
  • Click on Gmail Settings.
  • Click on see all settings.
  • General Settings “Undo Send” will appear.
  • Here you have to choose 5,10,20, or 30 seconds in the cancellation period, At the bottom of that page, there will be an option of ‘Save Change’, Click on the option of Undo will be activated.

Google‘s email service Gmail is all of the most important parts of our lives. Sharing documents, projects, for important data is nothing you can’t do on Gmail. It always lets you send and receive messages. From business meetings a school projects, you can send everything on Gmail.

almost a billion users, you have also shared photos on Gmail. It is the most widely used email service and you can also own multiple Gmail Accounts.

There may be a time when you may regret sending the email. You may send it to the wrong email id and the documents may contain personal details. You may have seen sent the email to the receiver by mistake. Often, you may have mailed the wrong documents to your bosses or coworkers and just you won’t turn back the time and fix that email.

Recall an Email with Undo Send

When you decided you don’t want to send an email, you have a short, time to cancel it. Immediately after sending a message, you can retract it:

  • At the bottom left, You will see the option of ‘message sent and ‘Undo‘ or ‘View message’.
  • Click Undo.
  • Click Save.

Choose the amount of time to remember a message

  • Open your phone/Computer 🖥 then Click on Gmail.
  • Right side clicks on the setting.
  • By clicking on the setting, you can also design your page in it.
  • Next to Undo Send a cancellation period of 5, 10, 20, 30, or 30 seconds
  • Create an Email then set the email id and password properly so that no other person can send your email to him.

Secure your account

  • Open Your Google Account Settings
  • Resolve Security Issues
  • Update Password and Two Factor-Authentication
  • Assess Recent Security Activity
  • Review Your Devices
  • Manage Third-Party Apps

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Did your Email go to the wrong place from your Gmail? Know how to recall and secure it

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